Dental Care and Heart Health

Good dental hygiene helps prevent periodontal disease, which can cause heart disease in pets. Dental (periodontal) disease is caused by plaque buildup under the gums which leads to infected gums and bone loss. According to studies, periodontal disease can be associated with heart conditions, including endocarditis. This disease is usually asymptomatic until it reaches its severe stages. During this severe stage pets will exhibit bad breath, brown teeth, bleeding gums, and sometimes weight loss.

Bacteria from the disease can travel to the heart and cause endocarditis. When plaque stays on teeth for very long, it hardens to form tartar, and then your pet may need professional dental cleaning by our vet.

Our veterinarian at Redlands Pet Clinic in Grand Junction, CO, can provide the care and attention to give your pet a pain-free, healthy, and fresh-smelling mouth. Read on for the best pet dental care practices for a healthy heart.

Daily Dental Care

Brushing your pet's teeth is the most effective way to maintain dental health. It  helps to remove plaque to prevent tartar buildup and injury to the gums. It's best to avoid human toothpaste because its ingredients can be harmful to your pet. Our veterinarian can advise on the appropriate toothpaste for your furry friend.

Introduce your pet to brushing early in its life so it can gradually get used to the process. Start by rubbing a cloth over your pet's teeth before introducing a toothbrush. If your pet seems uninterested initially, start without toothpaste and introduce it later when it adapts to the routine.

Nutritional Value 

The nutritional value of pet food is essential to ensure the health and well-being of your furry companion. Dogs and cats have specific dietary requirements. Feed your pet the right foods to help maintain its dental health.  

Give foods rich in probiotics, including yogurt and Kefir, to boost immunity.  Do not give your dog bones of any kind. BONES BREAK TEETH!  You can treat your pet with cooked, safe vegetables, including carrots, pumpkins, beets, and green beans.

Dental Chews and Supplements

Dental chews clean your pet's teeth and soothe the gums. These products remove food particles, heping to prevent tartar accumulation on its teeth. Choose palatable vet-approved chews in the right size for your pet.  

Routine Vet Clinic Visits

Regular visits to the vet clinic are essential for your pet's dental and heart health. Even though your pet's teeth may appear clean, routine examination by a veterinarian is paramount. The vet can pick up periodontal disease early, treat it, and help prevent heart disease. Cleaning your feline friends' teeth by a professional is important to remove tartar and prevent bacterial buildup.

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Caring for your pet's dental health can prevent periodontal disease and ensure a healthy heart. Brush your pet's teeth daily, give them the right foods, and have regular vet clinic visits.

At Redlands Pet Clinic in Grand Junction, CO, we offer first-class dental services for pets in the surrounding areas of Clifton, Fruita Orchard Mesa, Redlands, and Grand Junction Co. Contact us at (970) 245-4060 to book an appointment.

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