Preventative Care

For pet owners, it is difficult seeing your pet sick or struggling with a medical or physical health condition. Unfortunately, many pet parents don't realize how important it is to initiate preventative pet care and get their pet that help he or she needs from a veterinarian. Just like humans are reccomended to visit the doctor at least once a year to get a physical exam done and check on the overall status of their health, so too do veterinarians reccomend pets like cats and dogs need to get a preventative pet care exam done at least once a year.

At Redlands Pet Clinic, we are here to help provide the pet care for your pets, and can do so through our preventative care exams! Bring your pets in to visit our vet in Grand Junction, CO. Get a better understanding of their health, stop medical illness and diseases before they impact your pet's life, and help keep your pet healthy all at the same time by bring your pet in to visit our veterinarian!

Preventative Care

What Is Pet Preventative Care?

Pet preventative care is a type of pet care that aims to get a better understanding of your pets health conditions and improve their chances of recovery if they are found to have a medical condition. For instance, during a preventative care exam, our veterinarian might order bloodwork samples from your pet that show they are struggling with diabetes or even high cholesterol.

Because you caught the medical issue early on, you can then initiate treatment for diabetes, high cholesterol, or any other medical conditions that your pet might be suffering from with a potentially higher chance or degree of success. This is just one example of preventative care.

How Does this Help my Pets?

Pet preventative care can help your pets by catching medical illnesses early on, as well as allowing your pet to start care sooner rather than later. In addition, our vet might also use results from follow-up exams to help determine the status of your pet and if it your cat or dog is doing well, or might need changes to their medications.

Get Preventative Care for Your Pets from Our Vet

At Redlands Pet Clinic, we can provide preventative care for your pets with the help of our vet. Call us at (970) 245-4060 to schedule an appointment with our vet staff in Grand Junction, CO.

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