Senior Pet Care

When pets reach their senior years, they can still have a lot of life left to live with the right veterinary care and a little luck. Senior pet care can take a little more of your time than the care of a younger pet, but we all want our pets to feel as good as possible. Many of the problems that old age can bring can affect the quality of life for pets. To help your senior pet feel its best, it is important to get regular veterinarian care. At Redlands Pet Clinic in Grand Junction, you can get the care your pet needs and get certain health conditions treated when possible.

Senior Pet Care

Arthritis and Senior Pets

While not all senior pets get arthritis, many do. It becomes more common as pets get older and it can greatly affect the way they feel as well as their quality of life. When pets get arthritis, they often have pain and stiffness in the joints. This may be in the back, neck, or legs. They may find it difficult to move the way they used to when they have arthritis and they could be in a lot of pain. The problem that happens in these joints is caused by the breakdown of cartilage.

Joints have cartilage in the middle to protect the bones and keep them separated from each other. When arthritis sets in, the cartilage is worn down, and it no longer protects the bones. Instead, the bones hit each other and this can cause a lot of joint pain. It's common for pets to take medication for their pain and they may need other treatments such as steroid injections.

Fatigue and Lethargy

Over time, pets will begin to slow down and have less energy than they used to. This is to be expected as pets age, but it can cause other problems to develop. As pets don't run and play as much as they did before, their weight can creep up. It's common for older dogs to become obese because they no longer have the energy to play as much and their metabolism tends to get slower.

Part of senior pet care is to get as much exercise as possible to help keep that weight down and prevent several health complications. Finding new ways to engage your pet in play can be extremely helpful. If it can no longer take long walks, take shorter ones, but do it with more frequency to get your pet moving.

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