Pet Wellness Exam

As a pet owner, you want to help protect your pets and keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible. Therefore, pet wellness exams are important. A pet wellness exam is a way for a veterinarian to get a full picture of your pet's health, provide them with the necessary treatment to help them get better, and improve their overall quality of life.

At Redlands Pet Clinic, we're here to help pets and pet owners in Grand Junction, CO with pet care. This includes a pet wellness exam done by our trained vet staff, and our veterinarian that can help pets including cats to dogs. If you want to learn more about the importance of a pet wellness exam and if your pet needs one, read on below to find out more!

Pet Wellness Exam

What Is a Pet Wellness Exam?

Just like humans should visit the doctor every year for the annual physical exam, it's important for pets to also do the same. Because your pet cannot visit the vet on their own, it's up to you to schedule an appointment at least once a year with a veterinarian for a pet wellness exam. During this exam, your pet's health will be determined by our veterinarian, who can:

  • Order tests such as bloodwork or even take stool samples if your pet has any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes
  • Conduct a head to tail physical exam that looks at your pet's fur, skin, nails, and overall appearance
  • Check for any prior injuries or for any tumors or growths on the skin
  • Examine your pet for any issues with their teeth through a dental exam

How Can a Pet Wellness Exam Help My Pets?

For your cats and dogs, our veterinarian can conduct different tests and may also recommend treatment options. For instance, our vet might recommend vaccines if your pet needs up-to-date shots for immunity. He can also provide medication if your pet's bloodwork or any tests come back indicating issues like diabetes or even infections.

Our vet can also recommend lifestyle changes to improve your pet's overall health, such as diet and exercise changes. The advice you receive during a pet wellness exam can help you to preserve your pets health even after you have left the office.

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Find treatment for your pet at Redlands Pet Clinic in Grand Junction, CO! We'll be here to provide wellness exams to help determine your pet's health and provide treatment options to improve your health. Call us at (970) 245-4060 to schedule your appointment. We know the importance of a good pet wellness exam from our vet.

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