Eye Injuries in Pets

The more rambunctious your pet is, the greater its risk of sustaining an eye injury. Pets can get injured playing in the house, the local park, or running around in their own back yard. Eye injuries can even start as minor eye irritations that escalate into major infections over time due to lack of treatment. If your pet is showing signs of an eye injury, don’t hesitate to bring him to Redlands Pet Clinic for treatment. Your Grand Junction veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition and recommend appropriate treatment to restore his ocular health. 


Signs of Eye Injuries in Pets

You may not know when or how your pet got injured, but eventually you’ll see the results in your pet’s eyes. Here are some common signs that your furry friend has sustained an eye injury:

  • Eye redness or bleeding
  • Bulging eye
  • Discharge coming from your pet’s eye
  • Frequent squinting
  • Your pet constantly rubbing its eyes
  • A visible object inside your pet’s eye
  • Eye outside of its socket
  • Scratched or torn eyelid

At the first sign of an eye injury, contact our vet clinic to schedule a checkup. Prompt treatment will relieve your pet’s pain and keep the problem from worsening and causing permanent damage to your pet’s sight.

Causes of Pet Eye Injuries

Pets can injure their eyes indoors or out from bumping into furniture, fighting with other animals, running into low-hanging tree branches, sustaining head trauma, getting debris stuck in their eyes or getting chemicals in their eyes. If you feel uncomfortable treating your pet at home, contact your Grand Junction, CO, vet. If you know the details of your pet’s injury, be sure and tell your vet as this information can help determine the best course of action for treatment. We’ll make sure your furry friend gets prompt and effective care to expedite his recovery.  

Eye Injury Treatments  

When it comes to pet eye injuries, there are various options for treatment. Your vet will take into consideration the cause and severity of your pet’s condition when recommending treatment. Minor injuries and infections may be treated with eye drops for pain relief and/or antibiotics. We may recommend putting an e-collar on your pet to keep him from scratching or rubbing his injury during the healing process. Severe injuries may require surgery to repair the damage and save your pet’s sight.

Bring Your Pet to Your Grand Junction Vet Clinic for Eye Injury Treatment

Eye injuries should never be treated lightly. Even minor injuries can put your pet at risk of serious repercussions if not treated properly. To schedule an appointment for diagnosing and treating a pet eye injury, contact your Grand Junction, CO, veterinarian from Redlands Pet Clinic at (970) 245-4060


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