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Welcome! Does your pet’s breath stink so bad that it makes you turn your head away and breathe through your mouth?

If you have a pet with stinky breath, it's not necessarily true that it’s just something you must put up with. The majority of the time, this malodorous problem is due to periodontal disease, something that can be treated with professional, veterinary dental care. Periodontal disease causes smelly breath because dangerous bacteria multiply under the gums causing not only a foul odor but also, in combination with inflammation, will cause bone destruction around the tooth roots. This can result in loose, infected, painful teeth, and eventual tooth loss. Unfortunately, the immune system is not always able to contain the infection in the mouth, which can allow bacteria to escape into the blood stream and cause infection in other parts of the body. Call now for an appointment!

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Fortunately, Redlands Pet Clinic can help. One of Dr. Turrou’s main interests is veterinary dentistry. He has taken advanced courses in veterinary dentistry, has gone to national veterinary dental meetings, has purchased high-quality, specialized dental equipment, and enjoys helping your furry friends become close members of your family again, relieved of the pain that is often associated with dental disease.


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