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There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your pet. Spaying and neutering can curb behavioral problems while also helping control the homeless pet population. The procedure also minimizes the likelihood of your pet developing cancer of the reproductive organs. At Redlands Pet Clinic, we have been providing residents of Grand Junction, CO with reliable spay and neuter services for many years.


Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

If you have a female pet, spaying her comes with many benefits including helping to control the stray cat and dog population. Spaying your female pet may also prevent certain diseases in your pet such as pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus, and mammary cancer. Spaying your pet  will take away the heat cycles that attract male animals. Research has also shown that pets that are spayed tend to live longer than pets that have not been spayed.

Neutering your male pet comes with many benefits such as controlling homelessness by reducing the stray cat and dog population and curbing aggressive and potentially dangerous behavior. After a male pet is fixed, he will not wander off from home to find a mate. Neutering your pet will also protect him getting testicular cancer.

The Procedure

Spaying a female involves the removal of part of the uterus and both ovaries from your female pet. They will be put under general anesthesia. Neutering a male refers to a procedure in which, under general anesthesia, both testicles are completely removed.

Before the operation, our veterinarian will evaluate your pet to reduce any risks from occurring. Alongside anesthesia, advanced pain management techniques will be used to make sure that your pet remains comfortable during the entire procedure and following their discharge.

All pets will be given injectable pain meds during the procedure and sent home with oral pain meds. Proper pain management allows the procedure to go as smoothly as possible and ensures your pet remains comfortable and recovers quickly.

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